Apr 2023

How Bamboo causes problems for homeowners


There are around 30 varieties of bamboo found within the UK, only a small percentage of over 1400 species world wide. They are split into 2 types of growth pattern “clumping” and “running” (or “Pachymorph” or “Leptomorph”), the later being the most problematic.


This invasive plant can have large underground rhizome systems (Rhizome – underground systems by which bamboo spreads, containing shoots and roots) and can spread aggressively, similarly producing many of the problems associated with Japanese knotweed, although Bamboo rhizome grows at a much shallower depth.


Certain species of Bamboo are known to have the ability to break through tarmac and grow underneath paving and decking, potentially into neighbouring properties, causing problems for homeowners, in some cases growing into homes through cracks. 

bamboo close up


Most common Bamboo problems


  • Rhizome systems can be extremely difficult to remove once established
  • Bamboo can spread into flower beds, patios, lawns and other unwanted areas
  • Can cause disputes and legal action between neighbours due to spread
  • Bamboo runners can cause significant damage exploiting gaps in structures and growing into cavity walls, floor voids and drains


Fast growth, aggressive spreading potential and the ability to cause physical damage to hard surfaces, possibly even shallow foundations or brickwork

Seek professional advice on Bamboo control

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Bamboo Removal Key Points


  • Bamboo ignores boundaries, can wreck paving and will swamp other vegetation. 
  • Small sections of the rhizome can produce new bamboo plants easily, so careful management of the plant itself and the soil it inhabits is essential.
  • Bamboo is extremely hardy and herbicide treatment often fails to kill bamboo.
  • Professional herbicide treatment may need to be applied over several years with a small risk of re-growth.
  • The most effective long term removal method is full excavation.
  • PCA Invasive weed control members have substantial experience with bamboo management and should be able to advise the best approach in each situation.


National Bamboo Removal service


Well known, trusted, nationwide invasive weed control service, Conservation Land Services minimises the impact of Bamboo on your development project, and treats and removes troublesome Bamboo from your residential property.

An effective treatment strategy for bamboo may depend on the species involved and how well it is established. We recommend a site assessment before deciding on the best approach.

bamboo plant very tall with leaves

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