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I’m glad to say nearly everyone sends me a testimonial, sometimes without being prompted. Since some of my clients don’t want to be fully identified, I’ve just used first names.

Some clients send me a detailed review of how they found me, while others just say what they liked best about me and my services. Here are some examples.

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“I can’t thank you enough for dealing so speedily and effectively with my knotweed problem.   You have made the whole process as painless as it could possibly be and I am grateful.”

Recently completed Japanese Knotweed excavation on a site in the Wolverhampton area.

- Kate, Wolverhampton. Jan 2024
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Thank you for your time and effort during today’s excavation visit. We are very pleased with how smoothly everything went and are appreciative of your professionalism. Your attention to detail and prompt communication is highly appreciated.

Recently completed Japanese Knotweed excavation in Staffordshire.

- Robert, Staffordshire. Jan 2024
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It’s been great working with you. It’s been such a relief to find you.

Recently completed Bamboo treatment and removal in Bristol.

- Barbara, Bristol. Nov 2023
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You’ve made the process of having and removing Japanese Knotweed a pleasure


To support the sale of the property and to ensure that the purchaser had full use of the garden, it was agreed to carry out an excavation programme, which meant that the purchaser of the property would have no restrictions as to how they used or what they did with the garden area.

To ensure that there are no restrictions on what ever the purchaser may wish to do with the garden, and to prevent the possibility of Japanese Knotweed regenerating if the crown and/or rhizome is disturbed if only treated with herbicide an excavation was required. This work supported the sale and purchase of the property.

- Paul, Oxfordshire. Sept 2023
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“Robert was incredibly professional and efficient. He clearly outlined the work that was needed (whether he did it or not). Would definitely recommend”

A private individual contacted Conservation Land Services concerned that he had a stand of seven Giant Hogweed plants in his riverside meadow and urgently required a control programme.
The Giant Hogweed was already in flower and he needed a fast response to, not only instigate a control programme, but to protect himself and his family and also ensure that the flower heads were removed to prevent the Giant Hogweed plants going to seed.

View residential property case study

- Gerard, Sept 2022
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We bought a building plot which had Japanese knotweed on, we had no experience or any idea of what it was. We then found out how much of a pain it was, that’s when we were introduced to Robert, he made the situation a lot less stressful, he explained every detail of how it was going to be removed and organised everything without us having to do anything. Once the knotweed was removed and disposed of, Robert returned annually to monitor the infected areas, which have now been signed off.

Robert offers a fantastic service and carries the work out quickly and professionally, I would recommend this service to anyone. Thank you

- Thomas O, July 2022
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“Fantastic, thorough service. Robert is attentive, highly knowledgeable and methodical. His treatment plan proved very effective and allowed us to push on and reach agreement for the sale of our property. Highly recommended.”

- Thomas H, July 2022
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Upon reviewing a Japanese Knotweed control programme, that Conservation Land Services have been doing on a development site being prepared for sale, the MD of the development group organising the sale for the site owner reported the following:


The good news is that your consultant [Conservation Land Services] has done a good job for you, and therefore the site.

- Chris, June 2022
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“Thanks to you both for your work and thoroughness in dealing with the knotweed.”

- David, November 2020
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“Our solicitor is terribly grateful…you have made his work much easier.”

- Penny, April 2020
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“Wonderfully efficient, Robert,  thank you.”

- Les, September 2021
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“Thank you so much. You have been truly helpful and quick at it. You’ve made an awkward stressful situation bearable.”

- Patricia, October 2020
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“Robert Mitchell of Conservation Land Services is the specialist we used to advise us and to deal with Japanese knotweed. He is a problem solver, cost efficient, and aware of the importance of reassuring potential property buyers.”

- Penny, April 2020
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“How we discovered Robert at Conservation Land Services:

We were aware of Japanese knotweed on our property and started investigating the problem and how we should manage it. We had heard many horror stories – the ‘cowboys’ who are out there claiming to be able to control it and supplying guarantees not worth the paper they are written on. So, we made every effort to find the right company.

Firstly, we looked at the government guidelines and information given by the Royal Horticultural Society which led us to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Property Care Association (PCA) websites. We then contacted three companies that were mentioned by the PCA, asked for their advice and a quote. Two of them were happy to give an online quote without visiting our property – a fact that we were rather concerned about.

Robert Mitchell, of Conservation Land Services on the other hand, would not give an immediate quote and suggested a site visit to assess the problem and confirm whether we had Japanese knotweed. The first site visit by Robert confirmed that we did indeed have knotweed. It was an extremely informative visit, and he explained all aspects about the plant, the treatment and other information relating to follow up monitoring visits, the insurances and guarantees that they provide. He inspected the whole garden and assessed whether it could have spread into neighbouring properties and provided us with a verbal quote. He also told us of other sites he had worked on and his past experience. 

Robert then emailed confirming the quote and what would be provided. He also mentioned that he complies with the Property Care Association Code of Practice. Questions we asked were answered promptly and satisfactorily. We then felt comfortable to instruct him to undertake the work. 

Throughout the whole process we have been extremely happy with the service he has provided, and we have been kept well informed – from the survey, throughout the herbicide control programme (two years so far), and now as we are entering the monitoring period. The ten-year insurance backed guarantee was received promptly after the first treatment. The work has been carried out as explained to us and Robert has always kept us well informed adhering to appointments and promptly providing reports after a site visit.

As we are in the process of moving house and are very close to our completion date, we feel very comfortable passing on the insurance backed guarantee to the new owners.  It appears that all they have to do is contact the insurer within 30 days of acquiring title to have the policy transferred to their names. Another fact that we are very happy with.

We are extremely pleased with the service that Robert of Conservation Land Services has provided. We would definitely recommend him to others.”

- Max and Roger, July 2021

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