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Japanese Knotweed surveys and reports

Japanese Knotweed surveys are key to securing a mortgage in advance if there is any question of doubt about Japanese Knotweed being present or affecting your residential property. Get 10 year insurance backed guarantees that help you sell, buy or re-mortgage your property.


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PCA approved Japanese Knotweed control programmes

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Who is Robert Mitchell?

Japanese Knotweed surveys and insurance backed guarantees

Property Care Association Certificated Surveyor in Japanese Knotweed, highly experienced in both the residential and commercial environment and PCA examiner.

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How can I help?

As I mention in the video, email me a clear photo close up image of the suspected offender and also one of the area it covers. In many cases, I am able to quickly identify whether or not you have Japanese Knotweed or something else. This service is free of charge.

Ignored knotweed

Discrete site inspection

If I suspect you have Japanese Knotweed, I’ll arrange to make a site inspection. I visit in an unmarked vehicle, so your neighbours need not know, if you don’t want them to. There is a small pre-agreed charge for this to cover my time and travel costs.

Knotweed overgrown on property

Secure in advance

I will prepare a written survey report, explaining the recommended control options, together with costs and expected time scale. Once you have my report, accept my findings and ask me formally to commence work, most mortgage companies are normally prepared to proceed with advancing the mortgage.

Overgrown knotweed on property

Some key things to know about Japanese Knotweed

Find out more about invasive weeds in the Knowledge Hub or get more information about property care.



Trying to sort out the problem yourself will usually make matters worse

Cutting the Knotweed, for example, can cause it to spread faster

Japanese knotweed


The maturity and stage of growth can have a significant influence on deciding the best approach to the control programme. Only an expert can assess this.

Knotweed ignored


Japanese Knotweed is often the first plant to recolonise an area following a volcanic eruption, based on its incredible ability to rapidly shut down and can remain dormant for years. If you shock the plant into dormancy (consequential dormancy) due to inappropriate application of herbicide for example, you can create greater problems, which can result in unnecessary additional expense.

giant knotweed and glove size comparison


There are strict regulations in place which control where and how you can dispose of Japanese Knotweed material.(The Environment Protection Act 1990).

Giant knotweed


If you allow Japanese Knotweed to grow beyond your property you can be liable to prosecution under the Wildlife and Countryside Act ( Amended 1981), or Common Law , or The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 and Community Protection Notices, for example.

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