Oct 2023

Invasive weeds pose a major threat to ecosystems, agriculture, and infrastructure around the world. To tackle this growing problem, experts are coming together at the 2023 International Invasive Weed Conference on November 16th in Coventry, UK. This conference offers an exceptional opportunity to collaborate, gain knowledge, and develop innovative solutions.

Cutting-Edge Research and Emerging Technologies

The conference will showcase groundbreaking research and pioneering technologies for controlling invasive weeds. Presentations will cover novel biological methods, precise drone-spraying techniques, and the use of copper strips in geotextiles to combat resilient invasive plants. Attendees will learn about the latest findings on herbicide synergies and effectiveness.

Insights for Legal Protection and Compliance

With changing regulations around invasive species and plant protection products, the conference will provide guidance on legal issues. Experts from Natural England, HSE, and Phlorum will shed light on recent legislation changes, enforcement approaches, and lessons from past legal challenges. This will help professionals and companies stay compliant and avoid risks.

Networking with Leading Experts

The speaker lineup features top researchers and industry authorities. Attendees will be able to connect face-to-face with renowned specialists and forge collaborations. The conference will facilitate the sharing of ideas between academics, government bodies, non-profits, and private companies.

Implementable Strategies

Participants will leave not just with knowledge but with practical strategies to put into action. Presentations will provide blueprints for successful invasive weed control programs that have reclaimed land areas. Insights from legal cases will help professionals and businesses protect themselves from risks.

Take advantage of this premier conference to gain insights, expertise and connections to advance invasive weed management.


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