Japanese Knotweed at Home

The Property Care Association advise homeowners that “Japanese Knotweed is another type of ‘property problem’, in that it can be identified and treated with minimal impact.  It’s effective control is a job for the experts, so it’s vitally important for anyone who thinks they might have an issue to seek professional advice.”

The first thing to do is to be sure it is Japanese Knotweed you’re dealing with. As you’ll have read, recognising this plant is not always straightforward. In our experience, the best thing to do, until it has been identified by a suitably qualified person, is to assume that it IS Japanese Knotweed and to follow the basic rules; isolate it, don’t cut and don’t move it. You can then email a picture to info@conservationlandservices.co.uk and we’ll very quickly be able to tell you exactly what it is and offer our thoughts over the phone.


Do not ignore Japanese Knotweed when you see it in your garden or building plot. With correct advice and expert treatment, it is controllable. If ignored, the situation can quickly get out of control and become unnecessarily costly.

japanese-knotweed-in-summerWith our years of experience, technical knowledge and practical skill, we are able to deliver treatment programmes to control your Knotweed problem in an appropriate, timely and cost effective manner. We have significant experience of all Environment Agency and Property Care Association approved control methods, offering everything from in-situ herbicide treatments through to excavation and removal to licensed landfill.

Insurance Backed Guarantees

Control is only deemed complete when there have been two full growing seasons of monitoring with no evidence of Japanese Knotweed growth. When requested, Conservation Land Services Limited are able to offer an insurance backed guarantee covering re-growth of the infestation, either from the start of or at completion of the control programme.