Conservation Land Services Limited

With offices in Gloucestershire, Birmingham and Bristol, Conservation Land Services Limited are specialists in the control of Japanese Knotweed and other invasive weeds, such as Giant Hogweed, Himalyan Balsam and Field Horsetail. Our expertise is the control of invasive weed species impacting the commercial sector, but we also have extensive experience  in working with private individuals.

Conservation Land Services Limited is fully accredited by the Property Care Association (PCA) and a member of the PCA’s Invasive Weed Control Group. The PCA is an independent trade association with backing from the Environment Agency, Royal Institute Of Charters Surveyors and Council of Mortgage Lenders. We are also approved by the Government endorsed Trustmark scheme.

Invasive weed species control

All our site assessments take into consideration the condition and status of the invasive weed  infestation,  site features which may affect control options, the site’s history and proposed site development plans. The recommended control options will take into account the most likely reasons for the current infestation, as well as potential pathways for further spread. The aim of this is to deal with the current infestation and also help avoid unnecessary infestation and costs going forward. In other words, we deal with what you have and help you prevent it happening again.

To reassure you of the success of the treatment, a two year monitoring period will follow the completion of the control programme and, when requested,  we are able to offer insurance backed guarantees on our work. In addition to this, and in line with European Invasive Species Legislation, advice can be given on re-vegetation programmes to restore the habitat to its natural state.

If you think you may have an invasive weed, get advice immediately. Delays in treatment will only mean a bigger problem.

Japanese knotweed

Japanese Knotweed should be taken seriously and inappropriate advice can lead to unnecessary costs and complications. However, with suitable and timely intervention, it can be managed relatively easily.

We have expertise in all  control options, ranging from in situ herbicide treatment through to excavation and removal techniques. Treatments may include herbicide, soil screening, root barrier membranes, on site burial or full excavation and removal off-site, all of which are actioned in line with the PCA code of Practice and carried out with a high level of theoretical knowledge and practical skill. Our reports will provide you with all the relevant options for your situation.