Welcome to Conservation Land Services.

Conservation Land Services is a landscaping construction company which puts conservation at the heart of everything it does. However small or large the space, our aim is to enhance the environment as well as to develop it. Having the ability to visualize what the finished project will look like and how it will fit into its surroundings is one of our key skills.

Whether it is paving or planting, laying a hedge or building a pond or wall, we are able to skillfully tailor each project to a customer’s needs. At the same time we offer the customer an opportunity to maximize the potential of an area or feature so that it has a positive impact on the environment.

Our extensive experience of working in the ecological and environment sector allows us to assess each location on an individual basis. Robert personally works with the customer through the planning and design process through to the delivery of the project, always keen to help make conversation and ecological concerns integral to the plan.

We take great care and pride in the work we do and get pleasure from seeing our customers’ projects flourish and grow. We always feel very privileged that customers ask us back and feel happy to recommend us to others.

About Robert Mitchell

Robert Mitchell has 15 years experience of working within the landscaping construction industry. During this time he has worked with international designers such as Julian and Isabel Bannerman and Simon Shire, helping them deliver major projects, such as the restoration of the historic gardens at Asthall Manor, as well as many small scale projects for private customers.

Living on a 900 acres farm, surrounded by hedgerows, mixed woodlands and river meadows, Robert has developed a deep regard for conservation issues, having worked closely with organisations such as, Farming Wildlife Advisory Group. Over the years Robert has had great success with a variety of tree planting projects, ranging from specimen trees to woodlands, orchards and hedgerows. Robert more recently worked within the Ecological and Environmental Services industry, where he gained significant experience of large scale projects involving English Nature, National Heritage, National Trust and the subsequent mitigation work. As a direct result of this experience Robert now has significant contacts with leading ecological experts in a variety of disciplines, e.g. bats, badgers, reptiles, water voles, birds and plant ecology.

He is NPTC qualified, fully insured, a trade member of the National Hedge Laying Society and a dry stone waller, he keeps bees and works (as a volunteer) with the Cotswold Water Park Society water vole restoration project.

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